Thursday, February 12, 2009


Any of you who post videos, what program do you use for your videos? I used quicktime, but can't edit the video (like make it shorter) without BUYING quicktime. Any ideas?


  1. Kodi, I use Windows Movie came already installed on my computer. Have you looked to see if you have this? I didn't know I had it until I went to make a movie for my blog one day...

    You might try, but I am not sure if you can actually edit the video using their site.

  2. hmm? i use the video option on my camera and when i plug it in i can upload it right to blogger from the camera? so obviously i'm not much help. hope you've figured it out?

  3. i have this problem too! i have to get the hubs to do it for me. i'll ask him and comment back to you!


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