Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Top 10 Reasons I'm Over Grey's Anatomy

After watching TWO hours of Grey's/Private Practice, I felt here goes.

10.  It's way past time for Mark Sloan to become the nice guy they are building him up to being. 

9. Christina is hateful, yet men are always wanting her, and no matter how bad she treats them, they keep wanting her. 

8. George is never on the show. Yes, you might see him in the background, or he might mutter a sentence or two, but he no longer matters.

7. The hour of Private Practice that I watched tonight was MUCH more intriguing than GA.

6. How many episodes can be made with patients my parents age having sexual injuries? By my count, we are up to at least 3. 

5. Kids keep getting hurt/sick/dying. Not good TV.

4. I almost turned off the TV to work on homework.

3. If I see one more lesbian kiss on that show, I will most definitely vomit up the frozen pizza I ate for dinner.

2. I want Izzie to die. I used to love her, now she bores me. I'm sick of her. Gag.

1. The #1 Reason I'm Over Grey's
I am the most romantic person I know. I love romance. I love weddings, babies and marriage proposals. My heart did not skip a beat, my eyes did not tear up, I felt ZERO emotion about McDreamy and Meredith getting engaged. 

So, I would say, Grey's has definitely Jumped the Shark. 

Will I turn it on next week, probably. Will I continue to make sure I am all caught up on school stuff by Thursday so there is nothing standing between me and one hour of that show, definitely not. 

Any thoughts?


  1. i'm a lostie thru and thru (and a lost one lately w/ the new season) so no opinions here!

  2. I used to love this show, but for some reason, this season has done NOTHING for me. So, yeah, I am pretty much over it, too. :) There are better shows I can waste my time on.

  3. this post is so funny!

    i haven't watched that show since the lesbian kiss last season. i used to love it. meredith is just sooooo whiney and annoying. i can't take it...

  4. Feeling the same way. The whole lesbian thing just won't go away. And the Denny thing ... puh-lease.


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