Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 Goals for '10

1. Be more transparent on this blog. I blog for myself as a record of daily life, not for others approval.

2. Be a better steward of our finances. Tithe more, donate more, waste less.

3. Be the best wife, mother and Christian I can be.

4. Work on achieving a servant's heart. Perform more kind gestures for friends and family. Perform more random acts of kindness. Place others before myself.

5. Work hard at school and work. Give my best effort all of the time in both endeavors.

6. Don't beat myself up when I fall short of the world's expectations. I'm seeking to please the Heavenly Father this year and that's all.

7. Spend more time in church and reading the Bible. Get involved in a Bible study. Step out of my comfort zone.

8. Focus on how blessed I am and remain thankful even in times of trial.

9. Laugh more and cry less.

10. Love. Show love, give love and accept love.

What are your goals for 2010?

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My absence can be summed up quickly- Christmas and new computer. As soon as all my programs are installed on my new laptop I'll do a Christmas recap that you will not want to miss. Until then, Happy New Year and God Bless!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's not too late...

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy 1 Month Manning Parker!

Manning you are one month old today! I cannot believe how fast the last month has gone in some ways, but in some ways I wonder what life was like before's like you've always been here. So, what are you up to these days?

-You are wearing your 0-3 month clothes (finally!) even though they are loose and long!
-You are such a happy guy! You only cry when you are hungry, need changed or want to be held. Normally if you just want to be held and I pick you up you fall right asleep and don't need to be held anymore. Since you will be in daycare soon I'm working on you not depending on being held all of the time.
-You are starting to smile more frequently and you smile really big when I kiss your cheeks or nibble on your cheeks.
-In just the last few days you have really started to be a chatter box. You aren't awake a lot, but when you are if I talk to you you are starting to talk back. Your sweet little voice is the highlight of my day!
-You look so tiny in your big crib!
-You've had reflux, but with the implementation of zantac I think we are finally getting it taken care of. You've been sleeping most nights in your vibrating/bouncing chair so that you are somewhat upright.
-You roll from one side completely to the other side so I am thinking we won't be getting much use out of your bassinet! As soon as we go back to Chillicothe for Christmas we will be bringing home your pack and play for you to sleep in.
-You are eating a 5 oz bottle every 3-4 hours. Some days you eat every three hours and some days every four weird to me!
-You only like to be held up chest to chest if it's mommy or daddy holding you or if you are trying to go to sleep.
-Your cheeks and body are really starting to fill out and I think it's only a matter of time before you are a chubby thing!
-Mommy and Daddy love you more than anyone else in the world and we are so blessed to be your parents!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Questions

I stole this from Heather.

1. Favorite Christmas movies: When I was young it was "All I Want for Christmas" but now it's "The Holiday"

2. Favorite Christmas gift: When I was younger: CD player haha!
As a grown-up: My gifts now are normally practical gifts. Last year Nathan and I went on a cruise, so I guess that.

3. Favorite Christmas dessert: I'd say the variety of cookies and cakes and homemade one particular thing

4. Favorite Christmas candies/snacks: See above

5. Favorite Christmas commercial: No one commercial comes to mind from the past, but, like Heather, I love the Kay Jewelers commercial this year where the dad surprises the mom at 2 AM with a gift of jewelry. Strikes home right now!

6. Favorite Christmas drink: Hot Chocolate

7. Favorite Christmas meal: We have the traditional meal at all of the get-togethers I go favorite thing is probably stuffing!

8. Favorite Christmas decoration: The tree of course.

9. Favorite Christmas book: I don't have any children's ones (yet) but I like to read romantic Christmas books every year by Debbie Macomber or Mary Higgins Clark etc.

10. Favorite Christmas Carols: I love them all!

11. Favorite Christmas songs: "Oh Come Emanuel" and since I was little my family has listened to the 4-Him Christmas album...I love EVERY song on there.

12. Favorite Christmas tradition: Probably the Christmas Eve dinner at my family where we do grab bag gifts and now I enjoy Nathan's family's Christmas Eve dinner where we play blackjack for coins! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I need your help!

Since our baby is only going to be a month old at Christmas I hadn't really planned on buying him much more than a Hallmark ornament (family tradition). I know this probably makes me a horrible mom, but I knew he would never know and I was thinking he's too little for toys and just got tons of clothes at baby showers. Then yesterday, it occurred to me...his next Christmas won't be for another year. Duh, right? Well he is definitely going to need some toys in a few months! So, this is where I need your help. What toys do you recommend for a 1 month-1 year old? I am thinking of getting him one of the floor toys like this, or a tummy time play mat like this. Which would you recommend, or do you think they are overrated? Also, I thought maybe some noisy toys like this. I also thought about some blocks or building toys like this. This particular toy says ages 2+, but is that really accurate? Also, I like this. SO- am I on the right track, or do you have any advice? Please share!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Giveaway Day

Have y'all seen the amazing giveaway day that is going on in bloggy land today? These five amazing women are giving away an HP TouchSmart 600! This computer looks awesome. I'm blogging this for an extra chance to win, but if I can't win I'd love for it to be someone that read it on my blog! GO- NOW- register to win!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Manning's First Night


I was taking a video of Manning this morning and I came across this video I recorded the night he was born. I have NO recollection of taking this video. Furthermore, I can tell how exhausted I am in the video based on my voice. That said, I think it's pretty precious how excited my mom and Nathan's mom are to be grandmas, so I had to share.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Well Baby

Today Manning had his first well baby appointment. It was supposed to be a two week appointment, but he was three weeks old yesterday. I took my camera with every intention of taking pictures of my little guy getting measured, weighed or something, but I was so pre-occupied with all of the questions I had for Dr. C. that I didn't take a single snap shot! Ugh! On a side note, I have also been frustrated with myself for not taking any videos of my little guy with the handy flip cam I bought for his birth. Ugh! :)

Anyway, little guy is just that- little. I NEVER would have thought I'd be saying this, but at 6 pounds 14 ounces my baby is in the 5th percentile for weight! His daddy is skinny and tall, but not THAT skinny! I know that in a few months or years I'll probably look back and laugh that I was concerned he wouldn't chunk up. He is up exactly a pound from when we left the hospital about two and a half weeks ago, so maybe he is going to pork up pretty fast. We also got some things figured out about his reflux issues, so I'm sure that will help too.

Stats from birth:
Weight 6 lb. 5 oz.
Height 20 inches
Head Circumference 13 inches

Stats from today: 3 weeks one day old
Weight 6 lb. 14 oz.
Height 20.75 inches
Head Circumference 14.5 inches

I'm wondering if he will be out of newborn clothes by Christmas! :) I hope so, I bought a cute outfit for him to wear to at least one family dinner!

Friday, December 4, 2009


I have not posted much recently. Pretty much because most of my posts would sound like this...Today I hung out all day with Manning. We slept and I sang to him and we slept and I watched Ellen and we slept and then Nathan came home and we hung out some more. :)

Little man has his days and nights confused...but I think we are getting it figured out. I also think he has reflux because when he goes to sleep after eating and I'm holding him or he lays flat he spits up or vomits, but when he is in the chair, he rarely spits up even a bit let alone vomits. So, we are burning through batteries, but if it means more sleep for mommy and daddy, so be it!

I don't have much else to talk about right now, so I thought I'd copy Jennifer. Ask me any question you want in the comments section of this post and I'll do an answer post soon. I don't know how many readers I have, so even if you are a "lurker" that reads and never or rarely comments, please ask any question. I promise to answer them all unless there is something that crosses a line.

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