Monday, August 23, 2010

9 Months/13 Weeks

On August 15 Manning turned 9 months old. I remembered to take pictures on the actual day, but I have not had a chance...make that taken the post them to the blog.

Manning has changed SO much in the last few weeks. It's like 9 months is SO much bigger and different than 8 months. He has been crawling for awhile now, but he is now taking steps. He will stand up for a few minutes at a time unsupported, but we have to really psyche him up to take steps. He took four steps the day before he turned 9 months old, and that's the most consecutive steps he has taken so far.

Some of Manning's favorite things right now include:
Baby Einstein movies (they are like a drug to him, seriously)
Praise Baby movie
My cell phone
Any remote control
Eating table food*
Staying up later than he needs to ;)
Waking up earlier than he needs to ;)
Screaming when he wants to be picked up
Crying when one of us leaves the room...Can you tell he's going through a clingy stage?
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is still his favorite thing in the world
Playing on our bed- he just laughs and rolls and crawls and bites the blankets. It is hilarious.
Climbing on the couch and touching the curtains- again hilarious. (Both of these activities are done under close supervision)

*Manning has SEVEN teeth. After several months of baby food, we have slowly been introducing table food. For the most part he does a fantastic job eating and likes pretty much everything we have given him. Some recent new discoveries include meatloaf, canteloupe, black beans (in small quantities! ha!), scalloped potatoes, noodles, spaghetti, pears, fruit cocktail, applesauce, and of course puffs and other gerber foods. :)

*Playing on the bed*

Also, I want to include my 13 week picture for posterity. I'm still gagging a lot, but not vomitting as much. I also am bigger than I was at 20 weeks with Manning. No, it's not twins. We've already verified! :) I think it's a combination of it being my second child and the fact that there was such a short time between my pregnancies (only six months). This picture was taken after work and I don't look very good, but oh well.


  1. You look better than I do:) And yay for steps!! He will walk and then it will be a couple of weeks before he does it again! That seems to be how all the babies work:)

  2. Wow - he has changed so much! :) He is adorable! And congratulations on the new(er) addition to the family!

  3. Manning is SUCH a doll...those EYES!! WOW!! Just finally stopping over from Twitter...have loved getting to know you there! :)


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