Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rethinking Christmas

I didn't mean for this to really was an accident. It started in August or September...Nathan and I began to talk about how we could make our bill payments during the period when I'm on maternity leave and he's still working here at his much lower-paying job. We're confident we can survive on one income when he goes full-time Army, but until then there will be about an 8-week period where I'm not working and he's not full-time. Money is going to be an issue. It immediately occurred to me that the amount we spend on Christmas each year could put a dent in the money we'd need during this period. With reservations, we told our families that this year, with the exception of a few small gifts for Manning, we would not be making any Christmas gift purchases. With our current financial situation, blowing a bunch of money on Christmas presents would be financially irresponsible. Nathan and I were both really okay with it, and our families responded well. I didn't really think much of it...

then I saw this video. Gina posted it on her blog. And I felt ill. I knew immediately that things were going to change. 

Please take a minute to watch:

Then, I read this post by Sarah yesterday. It was like she read my heart, and much more eloquently than I could, put in into words. 

What does this mean for the BeVelle family? Honestly, I don't know. How this will play out for our family is to be determined, but I have confidence that Nathan and I are going to come up with a solution that we both feel very comfortable with. 

These are the few things I do know:

- I can't pretend to be okay with this any more.

- Honestly, for our family, Christmas is just the tip of the iceberg. Nathan and I have dreams of adopting a house-full of children to love. We dream of living more simply and donating any money we don't need. We dream of living a debt-free life within our means, and being satisfied with what we have, focusing not on what we do not have. 

- It's in God's hands. He holds our future, and we need to not worry about our future, or present for that matter. 

I want to end this blog with an apology and a disclaimer saying that I know this isn't feasible for every family, and that whatever you choose for your family is best and blah blah blah, but honestly I don't feel that way. I think this is something that should weigh heavily on the heart of every Christian, and I think that we need to quit pointing fingers or making half-attempts at giving and give until it hurts. I think we need to live radically. I'm a work-in-progress where all of these are concerned, and I pray that you'll consider it as well. 


  1. absoultely love every word of this post and that video.
    i'm going to share it on my twitter, blog and facebook...hope you don't mind.

    wow. speechless.

  2. I've had similar thoughts swirling around in my distracted brain, but haven't taken the time to sort through them. Thanks for putting words to my thoughts. I really appreciate you sharing this!


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