Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Funnies

I have a few funny things on my mind tonight that I thought I'd share. Feel free to laugh with, or at, me.


Nights like tonight I really wish that we had ponied up the cash for a video monitor. I'm not sure what the heck was going on in Manning's crib just now after we put him to bed, but it sounds like we missed quite the performance. I like to picture that he was walking around the edge of the crib like a tight-rop and his stuffed animals were following behind, but maybe I've seen too many movies about toys coming to life...


Nathan was telling me a story a few weeks ago about when he took Manning with him to the bank. I'm still cracking up everytime I think about it, but it might not seem that funny in writing. Who knows? Anyway, Manning has been wearing a hat that he got for Christmas that is almost identical to this one all winter.

Nathan went to the bank and the conversation went something like this:

banker: "Oh, he's cute! He looks like that cartoon character. What's his name?"
Nathan: "Elmer Fudd"
banker: "His name is Elmer Fudd?!" quizzical/confused look on her face
Nathan: "Yep. Elmer Fudd."
*exit Nathan*

When he got to the car he realized that the banker wasn't asking the cartoon character's name, but rather our son's name. It cracks me up to think that somewhere there's a sweet lady walking around thinking about the crazy people that named their kid Elmer Fudd...we might name our kid after a football player, but a cartoon?! Never. We have standards.


I feel like pregnancy lasts a month too long. I've been feeling really good until this week when I hit a wall. A wall that says happens to make your ankles swell, your back ache quadruple and your stomach grow a few new pink lines. The thing I find the most distressing is the cankles. As if I had any pride left, what with the leaking breasts and stretch marks, Now one of the few remaining parts of my body that was still slim, my ankles, have gone to pot. I guess I still have my wrists...and my ears. Can your ears swell? I'm certain that if they can, it will probably happen to me in the next few weeks. I'll keep y'all posted.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Okay, I have to ask, which Manning?

  2. Laughing at the Elmer Fudd story! Hope the next few weeks of pregnancy fly by and you get your body back soon.

  3. I am CRACKING UP about the Elmer Fudd thing.


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