Thursday, July 21, 2011

Very {P}interesting...

I'm a little late to hop on this link-up, but after several weeks of ignoring my Pinterest account, I found myself mildly obsessed with it this week. I don't have a lot of pins compared to some people, but I am OCD in a way that I will only pin with a purpose. No pinning for me unless I plan to try the recipe, duplicate the outfit, print the printable etc. I'm all about cute pictures of rooms, but unless I plan to use the design elements someday, it ain't getting pinned. To each their own, right? 

Oh, I have to also mention that I introduced my little sister to Pinterest and she is in. love. She doesn't blog, so for some reason I kind of thought she wouldn't care for pinterest either, but sister has some SORE thumbs from pushing those virtual pins. 

Right now I'm on a spending hiatus, but I've been thinking a lot about what clothing elements I'd like to buy when I have some extra money. Since I was pregnant for like two straight years, I don't have a lot of wardrobe right now, but I also want to make the best use of what I have. 

I have all of the elements of this outfit in my closet, but I'm not sure I would've put them together this well. 

I am ob.sessed. with these pants. Until recently I worried a lot about what others thought of my wardrobe (and of me in general) but I'm working on letting that go, and I'm starting now. If I like the way I look and feel in something, I'm giving it a try. 

That said, I'm definitely going to continue to wear jeggings. I love how comfortable and versatile they are, and I think these red ones will definitely be finding their way into my closet. 

And this, this my friends, is Kendi. Kendi is my fashion guru...I I've never spoken maybe I mean she's my idol, but idolatry is a sin...I LIKE HER STYLE. There. And I sort of (really) want to be her best friend so we could go shopping together. Check her out. 

Along with wardrobe, I'm always looking for cute, functional ways to wear my hair, especially because it's at that horrible stage where I'm growing it out and it's too long to be short but too short to be long. You ladies all know what I mean! 

Oh, and lest you think I'm only focused on appearances, I have many other boards such as a board with all of my plans for Deacon's bedroom whenever we move (and he has one). 

This is a Dr. Seuss quilt from PBK. I don't want him to have a Seuss room, but I want him to have this quilt, or one a lot like it. 

And on the home front, because we will soon be living in base housing (hopefully and likely) I want to find ways to make our home our own and where we can take the same elements and plug them into whatever home we live in. Well, my understanding is that most base housing has white walls and basic flooring. 

I saw this picture on a few blogs this week that were completely unrelated to home decor, but I was so struck by how Heather Whittaker has used funky, repurposed decor items to decorate a backyard space perfect for fellowship! She took a yellow chandelier, purple metal chairs, a metal bench with sharpie signatures and a funky wooden table. I think that it looks amazing, inviting, and very practical. 

So tell me, what are you pinning? If I'm not following you please leave a comment so I can. Oh, and if you're interested, you can check out the rest of my pins here and my sister's pins here

If you want to see what everyone else is pinning, visit Stefanie's blog today! 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I've never heard of this pinterest - going to have to check it out :D

  2. I just started really playing with it yesterday!

  3. Kodi- I am in love with the pottery barn Dr. Suess quilt as well! However, I decided to go with a different one when I decided to actually purchase the quilts for my son's room. You have a great sense of style.


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