Thursday, August 11, 2011

First World Problems

There's a trend online right now to complain about something, and then sort of dismiss it by saying "First World Problem". While it's awesome to keep in perspective that we do, indeed, only have first world problems, my heart is breaking for those with third world problems. 

While our country's media attention is focused on an upcoming Presidential election and the hypotheses surrounding it, there is a real, heartbreaking crisis in the Horn of Africa. Over 11 MILLION people are starving. 11 Million. In only four countries. Mothers are being raped and robbed, chased by hyenas, simply trying to get their children to safety, to a place where they can just be fed. These countries are dear to my heart. Something I haven't blogged much about is the fact that Nathan and I feel the call to adopt from Ethiopia. The reason that it hasn't been blogged about is because it's not the right time yet, which I'll go into in another post, but to think that children are literally starving to death, many of which are waiting for their forever homes in America, breaks my mama heart. 

While I struggle DAILY with how to live in the first world while my heart breaks for the third world, I do know this. Action is needed. You can help. As the reporter says, even in a time of such famine, there is proof that every little bit helps. 

Do something. Here's a website organized by adoptive parents to collect money for Africa. If you can only give $10, that is food for over a week for one person. 


  1. Kodi, i love this post.. thank you for putting this all out there. If you ever want to speak with someone who has very recently adopted a beautiful baby boy from Ethiopia, let me know. A sweet friend of mine brought her baby boy, Micah, home earlier this year and is in the process of going through the motions of adopting a SECOND baby :) Hugs to you!

  2. Great post and reminder of what's going on outside our world. As new Mother my heart literally aches for those Moms who live in dangerous places and do not have food for their babies.

  3. I think people do need to be reminded of this more often. There are SO many problems that we could at least TRY to help with!

  4. Awesome reminder for people. Great post, Kodi!


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