Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Catch Up

Does anyone else ever feel like they're in a constant state of playing catch up? I not only can never get ahead, I can never seem to even stay caught up. I wanted to go over what all has been going on since I've been slacking on here.

Halloween happened. The boys and I went trunk or treating at Manning's MDO program and then we went to the "Safe Trick-or-Treat" at the mall. They had fun and looked precious, in my opinion.

At first Manning was a little unsure about wearing a costume. He cheered up when he saw Deacon in his too. 

Nathan came for a visit! He was here for less than 72 hours, but we really enjoyed getting to spend some time together. Nate wasn't feeling well all weekend, and he ended up making a trip to the ER when he returned to Arizona. I was convinced he was having a gallbladder attack, but it turned out he had a really bad kidney infection...more on that later. I didn't really take any pictures except these two phone pics I snapped quickly before Nathan left yesterday. Poor Deacon, the wind took his breath away! :)

Sorry for the crazy layout- blogger isn't cooperating. 
I've been so, so busy with thirty-one, which is definitely a huge blessing in our lives right now. Last month I had my top sales month and made over $625 in commission. Pretty awesome for a job that I love and only takes a few nights every month. I also had THREE new consultants sign up under me, so I'm going to promote at least one, but maybe two places this month! SO exciting. I can't say enough about how God has used thirty-one to provide for our family. While I'm on that subject, if you're looking for some great Christmas gifts at affordable prices, my website is mythirtyone.com/kodi. The current special is great! You can't even get a paper gift bag for $1! 

Finally, today is Manning's birthday! I cannot believe he is TWO years old already. Time sure flies when you're having fun. :) He's at school right now, but after I pick him up we are going to go get some celebratory cupcakes and have a little photo shoot for his two year post. You guys won't believe some of the things he's saying and doing now. He's a hoot! 

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