Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A few thoughts...

Happy November! I have some things to share with you...

  • I've teamed up with iPods from Cohen for a fundraiser this month. If you need any thirty-one products this month, please visit my website, click on "My Events" and you'll see the iPods from Cohen party. Click on "Shop Now" and support this great cause. :)
  • The boys and I had a great Halloween and I'll have some pictures soon. We Trick-or-Treated in the mall since it was just me and a double stroller this year. I think that Manning had fun, and he got lots of candy! I guess I'll have to help him eat it! ;)
  • I picked up Manning's school pictures at Mother's Day Out today, and they are hysterical to me. I'll post them soon, after I share them with all of our important family members! I cannot believe how much of a rip-off the company was though. Their prices were outrageous in my opinion! I think it has something to do with them printing off tons of sheets and you just keep the ones you decide to buy- that cannot be cost efficient for the customer.
  • It's officially Manning's birthday month. I cannot believe he will be two years old in just two short weeks. We have a busy two weeks coming up! I'm going to Women of Faith this Friday evening and Saturday, which I'm SO excited about, and our realtor is hosting an open house at our house on Sunday! Next weekend Nathan gets to come home for almost three days (70 hours to be exact) and we are all so excited to see each other. Nathan and Manning haven't seen each other since July 1st, and Deacon and I haven't seen Nate since we visited him over Labor Day weekend. 
  • Deacon is a crawling FOOL. He can crawl laps through the house in no time flat. He now has four teeth on bottom and three on top! He is still a happy, easy baby. He has found his voice, and can be very loud with his squeals. Sometimes he squeals so loudly he makes himself jump! haha
Hopefully my next post will have more pictures! :)

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