Friday, March 22, 2013

Moving on down South Missouri!

A few weeks ago Nathan had an internal job interview with his employer. There was a newly created position coming open in five locations across Missouri. Nathan has been doing a great job at work, but we tried really hard not to get our hopes up for a few reasons. The first reason is that he's still pretty new there and this position is three levels higher than his current position, and at the interview Nathan learned that the six new positions (two in one location) were replacing twelve current positions, none of which he held. He left the interview feeling like his chances were pretty slim.

Then, on Tuesday, March 12th, Nathan was offered one of the positions. He was elated. He's so excited about the job opportunity and really feels like it will be such a great fit for his personality, but mostly we are super excited because we are relocating to South Missouri. It was never really in our life plan to stay in our current city past college, but here we are. We've outgrown our current home, and our boys are getting closer to school age in a city where we really aren't too thrilled with any of the education options.

When Nathan interviewed for the job and found out all of the locations, we kind of made a mental list of where we were hoping he could go if hired. One of the locations is a small town near our small hometown, and that was near the bottom of our list, as was downtown St. Louis. I wouldn't have minded living in the greater St. Louis area, but we knew a longer commute just meant less time together as a family...we've gotten a little spoiled with Nathan working just a few blocks from our current home. So, when they offered Nathan the position in our new city, we were overwhelmingly excited, and as we looked more into the area the more excited we became.

My sister lives in Georgia, and by moving to the South end of the state we're going to be just a short day's drive from her instead of two days' drive. The new city is smaller population wise than where we live now, but seems to have a LOT more things for 23 parks. I'm so excited. The town we live in now has some beautiful parks, but not really great parks for little kids to run around and play safely. It's within a short driving distance to several major US cities- St. Louis is less than 2 hours away, Chicago is 6 hours away, Atlanta is 7 1/2 hours away, Memphis is 2 1/2 hours away, Nashville is 4 hours away, Knoxville is less than 7 hours away etc. I just feel like we'll be so much closer to every where we want to go! Maybe Nathan will even get to see his beloved Vols play a little more often. :)

We are going to be going from living an hour away from our parents to living about six hours away from them. While this will be an adjustment, I feel like it will be better for us. Right now we see them frequently, but only for short amounts of time. I'm always running there for one night or dropping the kids off for a few hours. Now, when we spend time together it will be more quality time. I also think it will be great for our little family of four to bond and lean on each other as we're moving to a city where we don't really know anyone.

We feel so excited and so blessed to have this opportunity. Thank you for all of your support!

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  1. What a fun adventure for you guys! Hope the packing is going smoothly. Do you guys have a place to live down there yet? Where exactly is it in MO?


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